Keeping it physical



Today is December 30th 2016 and we are on the brink of a brand new year. What an appropriate time to set a game plan for change. How do I know if I am meeting my exercise goals ? The amount of physical activity required for overall cardiovascular health is different to the type and amount of exercise for muscle building and becoming “shredded”. I once read (most likely somewhere un-reputable) that it is easier to become a millionaire than to get abs. So let’s be real- for most of us it will be unrealistic to transform into a Victoria’s Secret or GQ Model. After doing some research the VS Angels train 6-7 days a week twice a day for 2 hours each session. That is nothing less than excessive and unattainable. Instead of turning to “The Angels” to quantify how much is enough we will keep the American Heart Association’s recommendations for Physical Activity in mind as we review my game plan that was developed in this year after witnessing a highly undesirable photo of myself taken by my husband.

  1. 3 days a week of High Intensity Training 60 mins each session
  2. 1 day a week of Yoga preferably beach yoga if the weather permits
  3. occasional running session with my husband with sprint intervals on the beach

Please notice the elements in the above work out plan

  1. Spend time with my husband and do something together
  2. Relax, de-stress and stretch on the beach while getting in some physical activity with YOGA
  3.  Motivation via the form of a personal trainer at Thrive since I was unable to motivate myself despite MANY new years resolutions to “exercise more”

The fourth and fifth elements are VERY important and it involves  ATTIRE

4. Wear work out clothes that fit well and look good                                                                              5. Don’t forget your sunglasses if participating in outdoor activity

The above plan does come at a financial cost but the dividends in Mood, Energy, Body Image and Self Confidence offsets any aforementioned costs.


American Heart Association Recommendations for Physical Activity in Adults. American Heart Association. 2016 Jul 27.

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