My face is not the money maker BUT…

This post is intended to describe the MOST BASIC skin care routine that all millennials should implement if they are not already doing so. One would question what in the world this post is doing here if this blog is meant  to be about health and medicine. I believe that the condition of your skin can be reflective of your internal health, but also the health of your skin can improve your overall mood and confidence which translates into mental health. It has been demonstrated with many studies that your mental/ emotional health influences your overall health and well being. When you feel good about yourself you tend to make choices that positively impact your life rather than make self destructive choices. Skin Care 101 at it’s absolute basic would be three steps (CLEANSE, TONE and MOISTURIZE). We will build on these three to be simple but also comprehensive.


1.Cleanse with Face Wash

2.Tone with a toner suited to your skin type

3. Moisturize and apply SPF ideally 30 SPF (personally I use 50 SPF if I plan on being outdoors)


1.Remove Make up – This step is very important and you should have a dedicated make up remover (not just a face wash) – Make up removing wipes are very effective.

2. Cleanse 3. Tone and 4. Moisturize

There are other regimens that you can add to augment your routine (which I am not so disciplined about) such as EXFOLIATING twice a week ,FACE MASK once a week and FACIALS whenever you can afford. I will not be discussing  any extra steps such as eye creams, Retin A, hyalyronic acid creams, glycolic acid peels, microdermabrasion as this is meant to be a basic routine. I would wrap up by suggesting to increase your water intake to a rough average of 64 oz per day, Follow a clean diet full of veges and moderate amounts of fruit.  Clean your make up brushes, follow a regular excercise routineKeeping it physical, stop smoking and keep smiling.

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