Dr. Avianne Hospedales is an Internal Medicine Physician currently practicing medicine in Southeast Florida. She has a very diverse background which has heavily influenced her current practice. She attended medical school at St. George’s University www.sgu.edu in Grenada where she was a member of the honor society  Iota Epsilon Alpha IEA .Later she completed her residency in Internal Medicine at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center www.linmed.org,  a Weil Cornell Affiliated Hospital, located in the South Bronx, NY. This is where Dr. Hospedales was exposed to a wide array of medical illnesses at their end stages. It was at this time that she developed her intense passion for Preventive Medicine. Dr. Hospedales is certified by The American Board of Internal Medicine and believes that Prevention truly is better that cure and that knowledge is power. She spends time explaining each diagnosis with her patients and reviewing in depth treatment plans which often involve diet and lifestyle modification. She believes that if you “know your numbers” Know your Numbers 101 (Basic) you can positively impact your overall health and well being. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband, family and friends and participating in beach yoga.

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